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All India Classifieds is founded by a team of seasoned professionals from diversified background. We are technology people. We know how to make best use of technologies as per the current and future market needs. We have founded and started other companies as well. All India Classifieds is an addition to our ongoing works and efforts to best utilize the technologies to help community.



We are now an information society in a knowledge economy. Computer and Information Technology have changed the way modern society operates. We have identified new avenues and opportunities to assist individuals with special needs and provided tools and resources. Our objective is to bring together networks of people for enhanced information exchange and to facilitate collaboration between them. This portal is both for novice and expert users, and the support of communities, enabling cooperation within the and between networks of people.

Our goal is to create a satisfying Web enabled community portals for processing facilities between different communities of the society. Initially we are launching this web enabled services for eight cities and will further extend it across all major cities of India to become a premier portal.



We've put best efforts to make this site user friendly. This site will empower you to connect to others in the community - Information shared and transformed to meet your needs. This marketing tools will enable you to -

Sell or buy used computers, laptops, books, etc.

Sell or buy used medical equipment

Sell or buy used electronis, appliances, etc.

Sell or buy used car, furniture and more ...

Put an ad if you want a roommate or

Rent an accommodation/apartments/houses/barsati/studio

Put an ad for real estate, travel deals, tutoring, health/beauty care, driving, baby sitiing, day care, catering services in all metroplexes - Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kota




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